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Sonia Schonning

You Rock! Consulting
Centerville, MA
Sonia understands your need to connect with your audience. She knows that all staff, regardless of position, must have sincere buy- in to your product or service if your mission is to succeed. As one who has led staff ranging in size from 2 to over 200, Sonia also realizes that your employees need to feel appreciated and a part of your team. Appreciation leads to inspiration and employee retention. A win-win for all involved, especially your clients!

Sonia was happily relieved many years ago when professors at Boston University College of Communication told her that a degree in Mass Communication/Public Relations would not limit her career options to one particular field. Earlier that same day, the University’s Career Center counselor looked up from Sonia’s Job Interest Placement Test and said, “Your interest peaked in so many areas, I can’t help you narrow it down!” Instead of becoming overwhelmed with choosing one direction, Sonia embraced the opportunity to explore her horizons.

Twenty-five years later, Sonia celebrates a successful, multi-faceted career that includes front line and leadership roles in both corporate and nonprofit arenas, with particular focus in the fields of animal and child welfare, development and fundraising, healthcare, early childhood education, and higher education at the University level. In addition to her undergraduate degree, Sonia holds two Masters of Education degrees in Early Childhood Education, as well as School Leadership and Administration.
Sonia is also a classically trained soprano and performed professionally for several years with wedding and general function bands as a lead singer and emcee. Talk about understanding performance anxiety and the need to reach your audience! Sonia gets it! Now, let her share her secrets to success with you!